Mark Hazzard traveled to Utopolis to meet his informant Warrior Woman who relayed a message to Hazzard about the death of the Iron Thor.[1] Later on Hazzard met with Zarda again to talk about taking down the Squadron from within as she was working with them but a devious Nighthawk watched from afar.

Marcus Hazzard (Earth-14227) from Squadron Sinister Vol 1 3 002

Nighthawk killing Merc

Hazzard talked about a plan of invading Utopolis with Kenneth Connell, Jenny Swenson and Jack Magniconte. Hazzard figured that if Kenneth shared some of his power from the Star Brand among the inhabitants, they would have a strong enough force to infiltrate the Squadron's domain.[2]

Hazzard now going by the codename Merc helped lead a large scale invasion against the Squadron Sinister. He fought hand to hand combat against Nighthawk but ended up firing a couple rounds into Nighthawk's suit apparently knocking him out. When Merc requested a sitrep from the others, Nighthawk recovered quickly and stabbed Merc in the back with sharp stick resulting in his death.[3]


Seemingly those of the Marcus Hazzard of Earth-148611.

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