Hazzard distinguished himself during several tours of Vietnam but found himself lacking purpose after his retirement from military service. He began to work for himself as a mercenary, joining several other retired officers and a young girl he had rescued.[citation needed]

His hard life separated him from his wife and son. Her new husband, Gordon, had a particular dislike for Hazzard and made deals to have ambushed and killed during an Iran mission.[citation needed]

Hazzard survived although he was wounded. He returned to the States and killed Gordon despite being shot multiple times. He then succumbed to his injuries.[citation needed]


No superhuman powers


Hazzard had extensive military expertise including hand to hand combat, weapons training, HALO jumping, survival, strategy, and espionage. He was fluent in multiple languages.


Body armor, survival gear


Hazzard normally carried a handgun and a serrated knife; he maintained an arsenal of other conventional weapons and also made considerable use of improvised weapons such as a baseball bat.

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