Marcus Kang is the son of Kang and Ravonna (later named herself Revelation) of a future when Ravonna decided to stay with Kang after the battle against Alioth.

Some time later, Kang died, and Revelation took the control of his Empire.[2]

Under unknown circumstances, Marcus encountered Lord Immortus, actually a future version of his father Kang, and his wife Ravonna, a future version of his mother Revelation; Immortus and Ravonna decided to take Marcus as their adoptive son, so he became known as Marcus Immortus.

Marcus helped both his mother and his adoptive parents in their personal plans; Marcus helped Revelation gathering three Avengers and to sent them in the Chronopolis of the year 4949, convincing a past Ravonna (who at that time called hersefl Terminatrix) to go in the future.[3]

In search for the person who sent the three Avengers in the past, Terminatrix ended up in Limbo, near to the Temple of Immortus, where she was captured by Marcus and taken to Lord Immortus.[4]

After the death of Immortus and old Ravonna, Terminatrix escaped from Marcus and she finished in the year 9999, where Marcus' mother, Revelation, had her palace.[2]

Later, after the battle against Alioth, Marcus and Revelation were observing Terminatrix, who rejected Kang's proposals to stay with him, making Revelation and Marcus' future only one of the possible timelines of the Multiverse instead of being the true future of Ravonna and Kang.[5]

  • The origin of Marcus Immortus is a twisted topic: the first time he appeared, he called Revelation "Matriarch," revealing he was her son.[6] Later, he called Immortus "father" and the Old Ravonna "mother," this time revealing that he was their son.[4] Finally, Revelation revealed that, in her reality, she and Kang had Marcus some time after the events of Terminatrix Objective. Those events never happened in the mainstream contiunity since Terminatrix decided to leave Kang. It can be supposed that Immortus and his wife decided to adopt Marcus as their son after the Kang who married Revelation died.
  • Another possibility is that the Old Immortus who appeared in Terminatrix Objective is Revelation's husband Kang, who decided to become Immortus in his later years, and the Old Ravonna could be the future self of Revelation. Marcus, son of Old Immortus and Old Ravonna, might have travelled back in time, in search for her mother's past counterpart, Revelation.

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