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Marcus Lassiter, based in Atlanta, Georgia, was a founding member of the original Zodiac and a professional criminal. He wore a costume fitted with horns that he used in battle.[2] Lassiter served a lengthy term as head of the entire Zodiac and thus wielded the Zodiac Key more than his teammates.

Lassiter was killed in the course of his unsuccessful attempt to hold Manhattan Island in New York City for ransom, a scheme he undertook independently from the Zodiac Cartel - but with the collaboration of tycoon Cornelius van Lunt, secretly Taurus, who financed the raising of his army. Lassiter's soldiers managed to capture most of the Avengers and set up a force field on the city preventing the absent Fantastic Four from returning to Manhattan. However, Daredevil and the Black Panther released the Avengers, prompting Lassiter to escape in a helicopter. Just freed Thor followed Lassiter and destroyed the helicopter, with Lassiter inside, to prevent the villain from using a mass destruction weapon on the civil population.[1]



Aries used the Zodiac Key as his main weapon. The horns in his mask could also be used in combat.

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