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Quote1.png And that, Spider-Man, is how I win. One life. One random person on the street below. That's all I need to get away. And body after body, they'll give me what I want. Because you're weak. All of you. Because you're stupid enough to care. Quote2.png


Early Life

Marcus prior to the Accident.

Marcus and his wife were accidentally harmed during an attack on his Wall Street trading company for losing client's money. Marcus survived, but his wife did not. Shrapnel was fixed within his brain, causing him to feel virtually no human connection whatsoever.

The Walking Massacre

With his new lease on life, he escaped an institution and began killing people, eventually even shooting Spider-Man, who had lost his spider-sense at the time. He was ultimately defeated when Spider-Man used a combination of a bullet-proof suit and magnetic webbing. Spider-Man saved his life from the police, because of his new "No One Dies" policy after the death of Marla Jameson.[1]

Following his arrest, he was placed in Ravencroft Institute. However, he soon escaped, killing Dr. Ashley Kafka in the process.[2] He ended up confronting the CEO of a restaurant and he gave her an offer - 12 million dollars to go into New York City and kill people while wearing the logo of her competitor, which she forcefully accepted. Otto Octavius, now Spider-Man, was able to track him to Grand Central Station and managed to save the rest of the civilians, take his gun, shoot him in the shoulder, and hold him at gunpoint.

Having the man who once told him that he wouldn't let anyone else die hold him at gunpoint caused Massacre to tear up and experience fear for the first time since his accident, finding the feeling wonderful. Despite Peter's persona begging Otto to spare him, the Superior web-slinger pulls the trigger, putting an end to the mass murderer once and for all.[3]

Dead No More

However, almost a year later, the Jackal brought Massacre and numerous other Spider-Man villains back to life. For some reason, though New U was supposed to revive individuals without any defects, Marcus assumedly retained the shrapnel in his brain, as he was seen with the metal plate on his head.[4] He also continued to get into fights with some of the other revived villains, such as Kangaroo.[5] Massacre survived after many of the revived villains were killed[6] and at some point was interned at the Myrmidon prison.[7]



Unable to feel emotions for his common man, Marcus had no problem killing innocent people.



He used guns and bombs.

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