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Hyperion was the only known survivor of an alien world that was consumed by Galactus who came to Earth on a spaceship. His ship arrived in the United States, and he became a committed devotee of America.[2] As a diplomatic gesture, Hyperion as a teenager was sent to train with the Shi'ar Empire's Imperial Guard and developed a close bond with the team. He considered their leader Gladiator to be a mentor and fell in love with Oracle. After preventing Deathbird from taking over the Shi'ar throne, Hyperion and the Imperial Guard went to investigate Deathbird's keep located within a bubble dimension. They learned too late, however, that Deathbird has been experimenting with a hive of Brood, which began infecting the Imperial Guard. Hyperion was able to escape but was forced to seal away the Imperial Guard in the bubble dimension.[1]

Hyperion returned to Earth and became the leader of the Squadron Supreme of America, which were the world's premiere superhero team. When not a hero, he was a 9th-grade American history teacher in Kensington, Maryland. When dealing with threats to America, he either killed them or banished them to the Negative Zone. Those that he banished included the Hulk after his first rampage, Doctor Doom, and his former Brood-infected Imperial Guard teammates.[2]

He and the Squadron Supreme once battled the Canada-based Alpha Flight and was unexpectedly killed by Alpha Flight's leader Weapon X after his adamantium claws were enhanced with magic. Hyperion left came back to life through unknown means and got revenge on Weapon X two years later after luring Alpha Flight into a trap. Hyperion brutally beat Weapon X and blasted him with his optic beam. He then had Doctor Spectrum send Weapon X to the faraway Black Galaxy to slowly die.[3]

When Nighthawk tried to get legislation passed that would require superheroes to register with the government, this led to a civil war between him and Hyperion. To fight Hyperion, he stole the Eye of Agamotto from the Squadron Supreme's armory and rebonded with the Venom symbiote. Hyperion felt that Nighthawk was fighting him not just because of the Registration Act but out of spite because of a love triangle between them and Power Princess. After a fight devastated the state of Connecticut, Hyperion overpowered Nighthawk and forced the symbiote off him by exposing Nighthawk to the Sun.[4]

When Doctor Doom escaped the Negative Zone and empowered himself with the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, becoming Dr. Juggernaut, to attack the White House, Hyperion fought him and managed to defeat him.[5] He then sent Doom back to the Negative Zone. However, this allowed all the other villains he banished to escape, forcing Hyperion to hunt them down so he could send them back. His last foe was the Hulk who ranted about the world not being right. Fearing that the Hulk had become a monster, Hyperion felt he had no choice but to kill the Hulk with his optic beam.[2]

Nighthawk and Hyperion eventually made up in time to deal with a new threat: a new team that popped up called the Avengers who planned to restore reality to its proper place. The Squadron Supreme investigated the Avengers and tracked them to Africa where they discovered that the mythical country of Wakanda actually existed, which the Avengers were hiding at. When Wakanda's cloaking field was disabled, the Avengers confronted the Squadron Supreme.[4]

Hyperion fought Thor and struggled to defeat the thunder god as Wakanda's vibranium deposit weakened him. Eventually, Hyperion was able to knock out Thor but injured both of his hands. He then aided Nighthawk against Blade the Vampire Hunter. While Hyperion and Nighthawk held off Black Panther, he was knocked out by Captain America due to the vibranium composition in his shield. Reality returned to normal after the source of the reality warp was destroyed, President Coulson's Pandemonium Cube, and Hyperion's memories were transferred to his Earth-616 counterpart.[6] What became of him afterward is unrevealed.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Mark Milton of Earth-712.

  • Hyperion is also capable of freezing things with his breath.[2]


Seemingly those of the Mark Milton of Earth-712.


  • Hyperion is vulnerable to vibranium, which weakens his powers and would eventually kill him.[6]



Flight under his own power; formerly the Majestor's Mercy

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