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Marcus Roston is an influential Hollywood actor and also a drug dealer, supplying Heat Pills to the Hollywood elite.[citation needed]


Marcus Roston (Earth-616) from Daken Dark Wolverine Vol 1 10 001.png

Daken tried the Heat pills while attending one of Roston's parties. To his amazement, he found the pills could beat his healing factor, causing him to lose a fight with Roston's guards. After waking up, Daken initiated a sexual relationship with Roston, and demanded to know everything he knew about Los Angeles' crime scene, as well as access to more pills.[2]

While it at first seemed that Roston was Daken's patsy, Roston revealed himself to be much more than anyone thought as a major source of Heat pills, not just a user. He was also somehow able to change his appearance to that of Daken's while taunting F.B.I. agent Donna Kiel into believing that the "Claws Killer" terrorizing Hollywood was Daken, when in reality it was Marcus Roston himself.[citation needed]



The full extent of Marcus Roston's powers, or whether he actually has any, is unknown. He has been show to be able to disguise his appearance and hide from view, even distorting the image on a video camera. Whether this is a technological effect or a real superpower is unknown.

He is in excellent physical condition as well as being physically capable of gruesome murder.[citation needed]



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