Quote1 Unfortunately my mission here is of such secrecy that I must kill everyone present... I'm sure you understand. Quote2
-- Marcus Tsung

Marcus Tsung was born in the Far East as the son of a Chinese witchwoman and a Hungarian physicist. His power manifested early and he used it to form a criminal empire spanning parts of China, India, and Russia. He mostly dealt in drugs and nuclear technology.[citation needed]

The Hand attempted to recruit him, but he returned their dead emissary served with Saffron Rice and Rose Tea; he was never bothered by them again. To train himself, he ordered bull elephants pumped full of a potent cocktail of narcotics to make make them stronger, faster, and totally insane. He didn't kill them with his "virtual bullets", but with his bare hands.[citation needed]

One day he was gone, walking out on his entire empire. When he resurfaced, he was hired to go after Domino. Upon entering the United States he killed all of his employers underlings who knew his name before beginning his mission. He was able to find Domino, despite her elaborate disguise and relocation. In a battle between X-Force and Domino, Tsung easily and systematically defeated each of its members until a sneak attack by Tabitha (Meltdown). Although thought dead, he got back up and attempted to kill her only to be taken down by Romany Wisdom's (Pete Wisdom's sister) snipers.[citation needed]


  • Murder Gene: The "Murder Gene" enables him to create "virtual bullets" that do not affect inanimate objects, but can pierce, damage, and detonate the organic matter found within living things.[citation needed]


Highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, able to take down bull elephants pumped up on narcotic cocktails with his bare hands. He is very well versed in martial arts so forbidden and obscene, they do not have a name. He can "kill with a caress". Tsung is also extremely agile, able to easily dodge well-maneuvering Cannonball, use the momentum generated from his thrust to reach a higher altitude, then run up the building and counterattack him.[citation needed]

  • Tsung travels barefoot.

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