Marduk was the god of wisdom and the sun in Sumerian mythology. His priests gained the Book of the Vishanti and kept it guarded by a large griffin, but the beast was defeated by the sorcerer Yao (sometimes known as the Ancient One), who gained possession of the Book, twice due to time-travel paradoxes.[3]

For unknown reasons Marduk began to decline in power. He attacked the Asgardians seeking to take their power for his own, but was defeated by Thor. Stripped of most of his power, he went to Earth.

Marduk began various schemes, posing as curator Zoltan Nestor. He met and manipulated Destroyer (Roger Aubrey) to keep the V-Battalion from uncovering his schemes.

Marduk took over Oracle Inc. after its acquisition by Stark-Fujikawa. He began pouring its resources into Flag-Smasher's group ULTIMATUM. Marduk hoped to cause massive loss of life and absorb the souls of the fallen combatants, restoring him to his former power. When Aubrey interfered he took his soul. Citizen V (John Watkins III) battled Marduk, learning that the Genesis Well continually revived Marduk. Watkins overloaded the machines, apparently destroying Marduk.[4]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[5]
Energy Projection2
Fighting Skills3


Marduk has the ability to take souls of mortals he has made contact with. Those souls are placed in the Genesis Well. He can also drain others of energy via his equipment. The waters of the Genesis Well repair any injuries he sustains. He seems immune to aging.

Former Powers

Marduk possessed tremendous power. Marduk took power from other beings he took over, adding them to his own.

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