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Maggie Braddock[src]


Maggie was the daughter of Brian and Meggan Braddock. When she was merely three months old she said her first word and, in a few days, began to formulate full sentences. In the meantime, her parents' ex-teammates, Kitty Pride, Nightcrawler, and Prestige were invited to meet her and, after a few complications, they were asked to be her godparents.[2]



  • Intelligence: Maggie appears to be much smarter than a child her age, enabling her to speak at a very young age while the average child wouldn't be able to form words until later in their development. Intellectually, she is already comparable to an adult.[2]


  • Maggie may or may not be a mutant or a mutant hybrid.[1]
  • Despite having pointed ears like her mother in her first appearance,[2] every subsequent appearance of Maggie has portrayed her with rounded ears.[3][4][5] No explanation has been given.


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