During the final days of the Second World War, Peggy Carter and her fellow Partisans were aided by Captain America for weeks, during which a romance blossomed. After one such battle, Cap implored for Peggy to leave the Partisans, though she refused. Separated by differing missions, Cap is taken away from Peggy, who is held hostage by the enemy. When the Partisans defeat the enemy, they try to shoot the hostages, and Peggy struggles against one of the captors to save the lives of the hostages and is caught in an explosion. She struggles away, amnesiac, as Cap is stricken with grief at the belief she has died.

  • Unlike her Prime or Cinematic counterparts, who are American and British respectively, this version of Peggy is French.
    • Much like her Cinematic counterpart, she knew Captain America's secret identity of Steve Rogers, though like her Prime counterpart, she never saw his face.

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