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Captain Carter to The Scarlet Witch.[src]


Peggy Carter, better known as Captain Carter, was the premiere hero of Earth-838, and a member of the Illuminati. When the Illuminati fought Thanos, their version of Strange had used the Book of the Vishanti to defeat Thanos but at the cost of another universe due to Strange causing an incursion. Carter was present when Strange was secretly executed for his crimes. After the team had arrested Stephen Strange and America Chavez of Earth-199999, they were warned of the incoming danger of The Scarlet Witch that had infiltrated their facility. The team tried to subdue Maximoff but all fell to their deaths, including Carter who had been sliced in half by her own shield.[1]



Seemingly those of the Peggy Carter of Earth-82111


Seemingly those of the Peggy Carter of Earth-82111


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