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The First Soldier

Peggy Carter was present when Steve Rogers underwent the procedure to become the first Captain America. During this procedure a Hydra sleeper agent attacked, and in the struggle to disarm them Howard Stark gave his life to protect the creator of the serum, Dr. Erskine.[1]

The Serum Wars

With the growing super soldier forces of S.H.I.E.L.D., many enemy forces look to recreate the Serum and Vita-Ray procedure to create super soldier forces of their own. Peggy Carter was injured in the line of duty while protecting a potential serum recipient and was given the serum in order to save her life. Her eye was lost in this attack.[1]

The Rebellion against Maestro

When the Patriot Garrison was forced to be part of Maestro's Realm, Steve Rogers (as the Civil Warrior) quickly rallied his troops to mount a rebellion against the iron fist of Maestro. Alliances were made with the mighty warriors from Asgard and Wakanda, this powerful force had hopes to overthrow Maestro's rule before Rogers was struck down. Peggy Carter, now armed with Rogers' shield, used this to mount a surprise attack upon the Maestro. Angered by their hubris, Maestro froze the entire Patriot Garrison territory in time rather than risk another attack from their enhanced forces.[1]

The Unfreezing

With the mysterious death of Maestro, the Patriot Garrison began marching again. Finding themselves on a world at the brink of total chaos, they elected Peggy Carter to the position of President. The Garrison is now a nation of peacekeepers, looking to separate and maintain order amongst the many other warring factions. Sadly, the war is not just outside the borders of the Garrison, but internally as well. Contrasting with President Carter’s diplomacy, rebelling factions have begun to campaign that a position of aggressive expansion at any cost is the only way to truly protect the views and peoples of the Garrison.[1]

Powers and Abilities



  • Skilled Tactician
  • Field Commander
  • Masteries in hand-to-hand combat
  • Expert Marksman



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