Peggy Carter was a legendary freedom fighter and aunt of Sharon Carter, she was also the founder of S.H.I.E.L.D..

A statue honoring her was erected at the Avengers Academy.

Brought to the future

When Iron Man tried using a time portal to bring his father 70 years into the future to show him his inventions, he ended up messing up, and bringing Peggy Carter to the future instead.

At the time Iron Man wasn't able to fix his mistake, so Peggy ended up stuck in the future, and joined the Avengers Academy.

Surprised at how famous she was in the future, Peggy was told by Pepper Potts about everything that she had achieved in the past, and how important she was. Later Pepper asked Black Widow who was Peggy's fan, to help with her integration at the Academy.[1]


Seemingly those of the Margaret Carter of Earth-199999.

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