Margaret Craig-Power is the wife of Dr. James Power (an inventor who once made a device which (unbeknown to them) could destroy large parts of the universe.) and mother of Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Power, better known as Power Pack. When she and her husband were taken captive by the alien Snarks, who wanted to use her husband's invention for their own schemes, their children, being given super powers by Aelfyre Whitemane, rescued them without their knowledge.

Right now, Margaret resides in New York with her family. She and her husband are still in the dark about their children’s adventures as the superhero team Power Pack. It’s unknown if, like her Earth-616 counterpart, she had a mental block installed by Whitemane to keep her from finding out about her kid’s superhero lives, or if his lack of knowledge is merely the result of her kids keeping it a secret themselves.



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