Following the destruction of Kymellia II, the Technocrat hatched a plot to destroy the new homeworld of the Kymellians, Kymellia III. The Technocrat had once been the ‘’behind the scenes puppet master’’ of the artificial satellite that had once housed the Kymellians. With their relocation to a planet, he had lost all power. [1]

Believing the most efficient means to destroy the new world (and force the Kymellian people to move to a new artificial world where he would, again, be in control), he kidnapped Dr. James Power to use his memories to build a matter/antimatter converter to destroy the planet. To avoid detection, he also abducted Power’s wife, Margaret. He used “pseudoplasm replacements” to impersonate the Powers to avoid detection by their children, the youthful heroes known as Power Pack. [2]

When the eldest child, Alex, began to suspect his parents, he was also replaced. [3]

Unfortunately for the Technocrat, flaws in the “pseudoplasm replacements” began to manifest. Both parents began acting out of character. “Alex” reverted to his base Kymellian form and developed additional powers. When Julie realized there was something wrong, the Technocrat had all of Power Pack captured. The team was able to stop his plans and the replacements were destroyed. [4]

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