Margaret Slade was born into one of the high houses of the Clan Akkaba. According to her as a little girl she witnessed Apocalypse single-handedly cut a whole tribe of N'Gar demons to pieces. Margaret bore two sons Hamilton and Frederick Slade. She seemingly favored Hamilton for being the stronger of the two.

When Dracula started turning the clan members into vampires, her son Hamilton, who was the leader of the clan in the time of Apocalypse's absence decided to deal with the problem. However, when he did not return for three days, he was considered dead, and Apocalypse was summoned. He killed one of the Inner Council as punishment for having to ask for help. Kabar, who was the fittest now that Hamilton was gone, was about to explain about the missing clan members when he was stopped by Margaret who claimed that the clan was safe and her son is dealing with whoever is threatening the clan. Kabar faced her claim that her son was missing for three days and then mocked her which caused her to attack him, only for her to be defeated. It was apparent that Apocalypse was enraged by their childish acts.

After Apocalypse left to make sure of Van Helsing's claim that the threat was vampires, Hamilton returned with Dracula as their new lord. While Apocalypse and his remaining allies destroyed the members of the clan who were turned into vampires Margaret, who was not a vampire and her son Hamilton were on their way to Dracula. Despite her siding with Hamilton who was under the control of Dracula she was still loyal to Apocalypse and this was shown when she objected when Dracula insulted Apocalypse only for her loyalty to case her death as she was killed by her son, who revealed that he knew that she was still loyal to Apocalypse and he didn't turn her into a vampire so he don't hear her talking about Apocalypse forever.[1]


Matter Manipulation: Like many of Apocalypse's descendants she possess a degree of molecular rearrangement. She usually uses this ability to transform her hands into weapons.

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