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Rigger Ruiz was convinced by Lt. Stone to create Code: Blue. She utilized various types of heavy weapons. She was the strongest of the group but she was more intelligent. She helped Stone when he investigated. In the mission Rigger Ruiz captured a criminal in a battle with the Wrecking Crew and Ulik the rock troll but Thor destroyed his plane and the Doomboot helped by the Yancy Street Gang. In the future of Spider Girl she has a grade as Captain and helped the police with various investigations.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


She was a body builder and always transported the armor and created more gadgets and new weapons for the group.

Physical Strength

good strength.



Rigger Ruiz usually wore a standard anti bullet vest and communicator. She used special equipment with Code: Blue in the battle with Thermal Man.


She used a various types of heavy weapons, high powered rifles, rocket launchers, big shot guns and many normal weapons.

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