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Margo Amian was the daughter of famous archeologist Daniel Damian. She accompanied him and a cameraman named Ike Harris (who turned out to be the Eternal Ikaris) on an expedition where they discovered the existence of the Celestials, Deviants, and Eternals.[1] When the Celestials sealed off the City of the Space Gods, she escaped with Ikaris while her father stayed behind. Ikaris left her in the care of Sersi while he went to fend off the Deviants' attack on New York City.[2] They were both captured by Kro's forces.[3] When Thena and Kro agreed on a truce to reveal their races' existence to humanity, Margo suggested that they seek out Professor Samuel Holden, a colleague of her father.[4]

She was killed when she was turned into a Deviant to get to Ikaris.[5]

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