Margus, like his brother Korg, was part of the Kronan invasion force on Earth that was discovered by Dr. Donald Blake and then defeated by Thor.[1]

Sometime during their interstellar travels, Margus and Korg's ship was pulled into a wormhole that led them to Sakaar. They ended up captured by the Sakaar Empire and implanted with obedience disks in order to enslave them. They were eventually separated and sent to the Maw Gladiator Training School.[citation needed]

Korg ended up being paired with the Hulk and several others as a gladiator team. In their first battle, they were forced to battle several Kronans who had fought against their obedience disks too long and burned out their minds. Margus was one of them.[citation needed]

Korg tried to reason with Margus, but he was far too gone. Hulk and the others told Korg to fight against the Kronans. In the end, Korg had no other choice but to fight back, and personally killed Margus.[citation needed]

Korg still remembers his brother's death to this day.[citation needed]

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