Little is known of Maria's past. She was a Peruvian mutant who at some point embraced radical Communism and was recruited into the Shining Path terrorist group by Inza Cuzco along with other mutants. Maria usually worked with her fellow mutant, Teresa and a baseline-human terrorist named Carla.

Maria was present with Inza and Teresa when the Shining Path freed its imprisoned leader, Ernesto Sanz. Maria escaped the police's raid on the Shining Path's camp with Teresa and Carla, and regrouped with Sanz and Inza at a safehouse, from which Sanz sent the three women to destroy and important lumber plant, which they did.

Following Cable's defeat of Inza and Sanz, Maria, Teresa, and Carla took to armed robbery and held up a bank. Cable again confronted them and the three women attacked. Cable killed Maria and Teresa in self-sefense. Shortly thereafter, Carla was also killed in an act of police brutality by her interrogating officer.


Maria could project beams of concentrated, high-intensity heat from the palms of her hands. These beams were effective from a great range, as demonstrated when she destroyed a major portion of a large building while standing on a high cliff overlooking it.

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