Maria Castle was the wife of US Marine Frank Castle who was killed (with their children Lisa and Frank Jr.) when she and the children witnessed a gangland execution in New York City's Central Park. This lead to Frank becoming the Punisher.[2] Since then, she and the children appeared many times as ghosts or in Frank's dreams.

Years later, the Hood made them appear in Frank's vision to tempt him.[3] Microchip was working with the villain in order to resurrect his son but the price was to kill a government agent, a price that he payed with no hesitation by killing G.W. Bridge. When Frank, Micro and the Hood came to a last stand when Frank's family and Micro's son were resurrected through soul sacrifice. Frank saying they belonged to the dead grabbed a flamethrower and burned them down.[4]

Sometime later Frank fought a woman in black leather suit with burnt skin, who called him "Angel". It appeared that Maria had been kept alive after her resurrection; Frank's attempt at burning her to death seemed to have failed and was working with the Jigsaw Brothers. But it was all a plan to catch Frank as it was revealed that Lady Gorgon was the burnt woman.[5]

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