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Maria was the second wife to Vlad Dracula, the man who would soon become the vampire of legend. In the 1400's, Dracula was forced into marriage by his father to a woman named Zofia whom he hated. Although Zofia gave Dracula a child, the girl named Lilith, he drove her away and she ultimately committed suicide. With his first wife dead, Dracula married Maria, and she produced for him a child, Vlad Tepulus.[citation needed]

Although their marriage was brief and ended in tragedy, Maria and her son brought great joy to the otherwise cruel and brutal Dracula who was then known as "the Impaler" and "the Devil" by the people of Transylvania, especially the gypsy population whom Dracula caused the most grief toward.[citation needed]

In the year 1459, Turkey invaded Transylvania and Dracula defended it from its attackers. While in battle Dracula was gravely injured and the commanding officer, Turac - finding use in the fear that Dracula's name inspired - sought to have the injured monarch restored to health so that they may use him as a tool for the ever-expanding Turkish empire. Dracula was brought to the gypsy woman, Lianda, who secretly turned Dracula into a vampire in revenge for all the grief he had caused her people. She was later slain by Turac who took Dracula back to his own castle and locked him in the dungeon.[citation needed]

Taking over the castle, Turac and his men raped Maria many times before her unconscious husband. Dracula revived after some days having been turned into a vampire. Turac used Maria and her son Vlad to blackmail Dracula into turning his kingdom over to the Turkish emperor. Dracula refused until Turac threatened to kill his family, making Dracula concede. Left alone with his wife for the moment, Maria confessed that she was raped by Turac and his men and asked for his forgiveness. Before Dracula could respond a furious, Turac re-entered the cell and demanded that Maria go to the bedchambers so that he may have his way with her once more. Not wishing to be raped again, Maria struggled to get free and in doing so tripped and struck her head against a stone column of the dungeon. The blow proved fatal, and she died almost instantly. Furious, Dracula broke free and in his first feeding as a vampire, killed Turac for his transgressions and then slew the rest of his army.[citation needed]

After leaving Vlad to be raised by gypsies, Dracula buried his beloved and vowed that the entire world would pay for his wife's death, beginning Dracula's reign of terror upon the whole world. Maria was survived by her son Vlad who would continue the Dracula bloodline well into the modern age.[citation needed]

Although Dracula would live on for hundreds of years and love other women, the enduring memory of Maria would still occupy his mind and he would forever mourn her death over the centuries.[citation needed]




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