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Maria Rambeau was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was a successful seamstress and wife of retired fireman Frank Rambeau, whom she met while in the U.S. Military.[1] The couple had one daughter: the famed Avenger, Monica Rambeau.[2]

The couple were shocked when Monica revealed that she was the current "Captain Marvel", something which nonetheless made both Maria and Frank proud. After catching up with each other, Monica left to fulfill her duty as a hero, although Maria voiced her concern.[3]

Maria owned a dress shop which Monica would use whenever she needed to switch between her alter-egos.[4] Maria later saw her daughter when Monica was asked to lead the Avengers. Although worried for her daughter, Maria insisted that Monica would make an excellent leader.[5] When her daughter was sapped of energy, Maria and her husband took her in to nurse her back to health.[6]

When Duane Freeman, a government liaison to the Avengers, was looking to improve the image of the team by adding a new ethnic hero, he called Monica but spoke to Maria, who begged him not to include her daughter.[7] Maria later got hold of her daughter's Avengers Identicard and tried to throw it away, but was caught before she could. Although fearful that Monica would get hurt again, Maria nevertheless wished her daughter luck as she left.[8]


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