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The Maria Wheelock Cancer Center is located in the McCarthy Medical Institute on 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan.[1] Dr. Jane Foster received her chemotherapeutic treatments here during her battle against breast cancer.[2] May Parker would also attend treatment in this clinic.[3]


  • This location is named after Maria Wheelock, the late mother of a reader who contacted Mighty Thor penciler Russell Dauterman to express her excitement about the revelation that Jane Foster had become the then-new Thor, saying that Jane's courage reminded her of her mother's own battle with cancer. With the blessing of the reader and her family, the cancer center where Jane was receiving treatment was named after Maria. Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso has stated that the name of this location is "a small way of not only honoring Maria but also acknowledging all the other real people out there who are battling or have battled this illness."[4]

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