Quote1 I am but a humble servant of G-God... at the Holy Sepulchre Orphanage near Las Lisas. Quote2
-- Maria de la Joya src

Sister Maria de la Joya is a nun in Guatemala, apparenty a member of a Roman Catholic order. She works at the Holy Sepulchre Orphanage. [1] [2] When out of her nun's uniform, Maria looks and dresses as an average young woman. She has long, black hair that she keeps in a pony tail. She paints her nails, wears pants and boots, and drives her own car. [2]

Maria discovered a wounded and amnesiac Joseph and nursed him back to health. He stayed in the orphanage for a while, but his magnetic powers and their lethal uses started terrifying the children. Maria informed him that he should find the X-Men to find people like himself. [1]

Some time following Joseph's departure, Maria was targeted by an unnamed metallic creature. "He" was looking for Joseph and wanted information from Maria. She persistently tried to escape to protect herself and Joseph from this terror. When cornered, she used a stone to hit him. "He" was enraged and attacked, but two giant slugs appeared and started feeding on him. Maria had been rescued by Maggott, who was also looking for Joseph. [2]

Joseph seemed nicer that the creature and Maria may have given him information on Joseph. But not about his current location, which she did not know. Maggott continued his search for Joseph elsewhere. [2]

Strength level

Average Human

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