Quote1.png You don't need to be bulletproof to be a super hero. Black women have always had super powers. Turning pain into progress, nothing into nurture. That's what my grandmother did! Quote2.png
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Early Life

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Mariah Stokes lived under the care of her grandmother Mama Mabel Stokes and uncle Peter Stokes. Alongside witnessing her cousin Cornell Stokes become trained into operating the family business of crime, she was nurtured to move away from the life. Mariah was also a victim of rape, Peter visiting her bedroom at night. After his death, she was forced to carry out the pregnancy and birthed Matilda Maybelline Stokes, who was raised by Mama Mabel before being adopted by the Johnsons.

Next to studying in political sciences and moving into politics, Mariah met and married Jackson Dillard, taking his name.[1][2][3]



  • Smith & Wesson Model 64: Dillard kept in her possession a revolver that was previously gifted to Cornell Stokes who used it to murder their uncle Pete under orders of Mama Mabel. In an effort to lure out Bushmaster, she ordered the execution of his family, including Paul Mackintosh whom received a round as he cried out in flames.



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