Quote1 Logan, are you sure this is gonna work? Quote2
-- Rogue


Rogue seemingly grew permanent wings in the form of feathers protruding from her arms, presumably from continued use of the Banshee drug. She also has claws, similar to Wolverine, which she can use at any time without having to touch him. She was Logan's love interest, though she never noticed that at some point he was replaced by a Sentinel replica.

While on a mission to retrieve and kill the Reed Richards of the past, the X-Men were betrayed by Franklin Richards and lured into an ambush by a pack of many Sentinels and Rogue was killed. The Wolverine Sentinel, left without a body, tried to convince the team that he was not the traitor and that he had actual feelings for Rogue. He decided to help the remaining X-Men complete their new objective of freeing the prisoners from the N-Zone Facility.

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