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Early Years

Along with Letha, Screaming Mimi, and Titania, Marian Pouncy -- a.k.a. Poundcakes -- was one of the four original Grapplers, an all-female wrestling team who became notorious for their ringside antics and their outrageous personalities; however, the women never made the kind of money their male counterparts did.[1]

Titania, the leader of the team, was approached by an executive in charge of covert operations for the Roxxon Oil Company and offered them the chance to make some serious money by infiltrating and destroying the Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. energy research facility in partnership with Thundra. Poundcakes was outfitted with boots that created seismic vibrations when she stamped her feet. They failed in their mission; however, being apprehended by the Thing, and were jailed.[2]

Poundcakes and the other Grapplers clashed with the mutant superhero, Dazzler, when she was imprisoned with them in the female wing of the Ryker's Island prison for super-powered felons. Dazzler; however, managed to defeat the four wrestlers.[3]

Poundcakes also fought Captain America when the Grapplers tried to kill the Thing, who was injured in a hospital.[4]

Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation

When the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation for superhumanly strong wrestlers was founded, the Grapplers' manager, Auntie Freeze, decided it should have a female division, and submitted the original Grapplers, as well as her newer recruits, for the Power Broker's strength augmentation treatment.[5]

Poundcakes was later apprehended by the Asp, Black Mamba, and Anaconda when she and the villain Jackhammer, were disrupting a date between their friend Diamondback and Steve Rogers with an argument over advances Jackhammer made toward her.[6]


When Superia banded together an army of female supervillains called the Femizons, Poundcakes was among the roster. Aboard Superia's cruise ship, Poundcakes and the others defeated Captain America and Paladin. Alongside Titania, Pink Pearl, and Frenzy, Poundcakes threatened to rip Paladin's limbs apart until Captain America surrendered. Later, Captain America managed to defeat Superia, and Poundcakes fled with several other Femizons.[7]

With Titania and Letha dead and Screaming Mimi reformed, Poundcakes became a solo mercenary. U.S. Agent attempted to stop Poundcakes from selling contraband to Atlantean renegades. However, Poundcakes managed to escape capture, though U.S. Agent later learned she was working for the Power Broker.[8]

Poundcakes later joined several other super-villains in placing bets on Spider-Man's actions.[9]

The Grapplers Return

When Letha and Titania (now known as Lascivious) were resurrected by The Hood, they reunited with Poundcakes to start up the Grapplers once again. The trio found a young, homeless girl and equipped her with weaponry in order to replace Screaming Mimi. Songbird, learning of her former teammates' activities, defeated the team.[10]

While at the Raft, a prison for superhumans on Ryker's Island, Poundcakes attempted to escape alongside several other female inmates after Juggernaut's transformation into Kuurth destroyed the compound. She followed a woman named Indali, who convinced her fellow inmates to defeat the Thunderbolts member Moonstone. They soon encountered the male inmates. Moonstone aided Poundcakes in the battle, and they eventually defeated their opponents. Poundcakes then incapacitated Indali, deciding to return to the Raft with Moonstone as she realized escape was impossible.[11]

Constructs of Grapplers members Poundcakes, Battleaxe, and Gladiatrix were used by Yon-Rogg to battle Captain Marvel, though they were quickly defeated.[12] Similarly, Arcade used constructs of the original Grapplers to battle Dazzler.[13]

Poundcakes was later seen at a bar with Letha and Titania, flirting with Beast.[14]


Poundcakes later appeared in a New York gift shop, demanding protection money from the owner. She was confronted by Nadia Pym, the new Wasp.[15] Pym nearly managed to talk Poundcakes out of the extortion, but Letha appeared and alerted her partner to Edwin Jarvis' presence. Poundcakes, realizing the girl was a young superhero, battled Pym but was knocked unconscious after a lengthy fight.[16] Poundcakes and Letha would later be hired by Nadia into her organization Genius In action Research Labs (G.I.R.L.), as she thought they could be redeemed for their past crimes.[17]

While working as a security officer for G.I.R.L., Poundcakes and Letha continued to pursue a legitimate career in professional wrestling. The duo branded themselves as the "Skrull Kill Krew".[18] After one of their matches, Poundcakes and the rest of G.I.R.L. returned to Pym Labs to find it under attack from A.I.M. Poundcakes and Letha were sent to find Nadia's friend Ying.[19]

Criminal Technology Show Expo

Poundcakes was seen at the Criminal Technology Show Expo alongside several other supervillains. When King Cobra revealed that Iron Man and M.O.D.O.K. were in attendance while disguised as other villains, Poundcakes joined in the ensuing brawl.[20]


Power Grid[21]
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Poundcakes was granted superhuman powers by the Power Broker, giving her superhuman strength and durability.[citation needed]


Poundcakes is an experienced wrestler and street fighter.[citation needed]



The Roxxon Oil company outfitted Poundcakes with boots capable of producing powerful seismic vibrations when she stamps on the ground.[citation needed]

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