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Marianne is a beautiful former romantic interest of Tony Stark. They were in a a whirlwind romance when Stark proposed and Marianne accepted. The relationship endured despite the infatuation of Kevin O'Brien, Stark's best friend at the time, with Marianne. O'Brien became unbalanced and attacked Iron Man. O'Brien tragically died in his attempt, and for some time, Marianne blamed Tony for Kevin's death. Sometime later, Marianne had a precognitive vision that Stark would die if she stayed with him.[1] She abandoned Tony when he was in involved in a critical battle with the Super-Adaptoid. Stark survived the battle, however, Marianne's continued erratic behavior convinced Stark to end the relationship.[2]

Since that time, a vengeful Marianne has been fixated on killing Anthony Stark. She particularly resented him admitting her to an asylum. One of her mind-blasts intended for Stark turned the villain Midas into a braindead husk.[3] Rodgers believed that when she looked into the soul and essence of Tony Stark with her psychic powers, it caused her to become irreparably damaged. However, Rodgers did have some sympathy with Stark when she saw how Stark himself had been manipulated by Kang the Conqueror and persecuted by his fellow Avengers.[4] It is undetermined if she still wishes for Stark to perish.


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Mentally Unstable



Can teleport herself by telekinesis


  • Kevin O'Brien, Stark's best friend and confidant, became so enamored with Marianne Rodgers that he turned on Stark and attacked him with his Guardsman Armor.


  • Although noted as a telepath with incredible Extra Sensory Perception powers, it took Marianne quite a bit of time to determine that Anthony Stark was in fact Iron Man.
  • Incorrectly called "Marianne Rogers" in Iron Man #108 page 17.

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