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Marie-Ange Colbert was born in Lyons, France.[1]


Tarot became a member of the original Hellions. Unlike some of the more mean-spirited Hellions (namely Empath, and Roulette), Tarot was generally good-natured.[7]

She was ostensibly killed by Sentinels under the command of Trevor Fitzroy.[2]

Tarot reappeared later as a member of the second Hellions team. It appeared her resurrection was somehow bound to King Bedlam, though this was never fully explained.[8]

M-Day and Necrosha

On M-Day she lost her mutant powers along with King Bedlam.[9] Tarot then died again at some point after the Decimation.[4]

Hellions resurrected

Her death was short-lived as she, along with all of the other deceased Hellions, was resurrected by Selene and Eli Bard using the Transmode Virus.[4] She was able to use her powers on that occasion, although other depowered mutants resurrected by Eli Bard could not. She and the Hellions launched an attack on the X-Men,[10][11] but they were all killed by the New Mutants.[5]


She returned years later under unknown circumstances and battled Spider-Man and Deadpool in Las Vegas, Nevada.[6]

Tarot was seen posting a sequence of tarot cards she repeatedly pulled, presumably on a Krakoan message board, in hopes of finding to whom the prediction belonged. Unbeknownst to her, she pulled the exact card sequence Saturnyne pulled during the initial confrontation in Otherworld.[12] She later pulled and posted the same cards Saturnyne gave to each of Krakoa's champions.[13]


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Precognition: Tarot is able to foresee the events of her own future or the or the futures of other people, due to a combination of her mutant powers and the use of her tarot cards.[14][12]

Psionic Will-Based Constructs: Tarot could materialize and animate tangible images of the 2-D avatars/images on her tarot cards. Once materialized they were completely under her mental control and could do her bidding. The images were able to enter battle for her, protect her, or even aid her in flight. They were not invincible but actually Energy/Will based constructs. If hit with enough force whether physical or psionic they would disperse.[15]

Flight: Through use of her animate tarot cards she would grant flight. This was done by standing atop any of her flying cards and she would be lifted into the air.[15]


Tarot is skilled and received training in the use of the mystical tarot cards.[12][13]


  • The full details of Tarot's living and dying were not disclosed. During her time with the second Hellions, it was implied that Tarot survived Fitzroy's assault due to King Bedlam's brain wave abilities, and a link he previously established with her. It was further implied that Tarot now lived or died at the whim of King Bedlam.
    • If true, this would explain Tarot's behind-the-scenes death after the Decimation. She and King Bedlam both lost their powers on M-Day, so if Bedlam's power was keeping her alive, then Tarot would have perished when he was decimated.

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