Quote1 ZO! C'est vrai! You have arrived on zee rooftops, having beaten ze fools below! Quote2
-- Marie Batroc src

Marie Batroc is the daughter of the famed French mercenary Batroc the Leaper. She was hired by Higashi of the East Winds to kill Agent X, Taskmaster and Outlaw. She was recruited alongside another child of a mercenary Tarantula's daughter Jacinda Rodriquez. The duo waited on a rooftop watching their targets battle various mercenaries below. When Taskmaster came to the roof and met the pair they attacked him, but he was able to dodge them and they fell off the roof. He then proclaimed that he hated ethnic stereotypes and shot them both.


Like her father she has no superhuman powers.


Marie Batroc was trained by her father in Savate, the French art of foot fighting, as well as kickboxing and many other martial arts disciplines. But is still a rookie

Strength level

Marie Batroc was trained to become and Olympic level weightlifter and is capable of lifting great weights.

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