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Marie D'Ancanto was an enthusiastic cheerleader in high school. Her father was a gardener and her mother was a teacher. Marie also used to babysit the children of "Paint" and Jack Freestone. Her family was killed in a horrific car accident by partying teenage mutants. Badly injured in the accident, Marie was further devastated when the local police refused to bring the mutants responsible to justice. Her uncle kept pestering the local police and the media about bringing the mutants to justice, until X-Corporation lawyers claimed it was species harassment. The lawyer, Jarod Molloy, was actually a pawn of Elias Bogan, and started buying the homes of humans in Marie's hometown of Valle Soleada. Revenant, also employed by Bogan, caused Marie's uncle to have horrible nightmares until he sold Marie's home.[citation needed]

Enraged, Marie intended to cause a suicide bombing in a concert being performed by mutant rock star Lila Cheney. Her target was Sunspot, the head of the Los Angeles branch of X-Corporation, who was supposed to be there. Unknown to D'Ancanto, the X-Men were in the concert’s attendance, and able to stop the attempted bombing.

Before facing trial, Marie D'Ancanto was forced to stay with former X-Man Rogue, who eventually showed the young woman the error of her terrorist ways. The mutants involved in her family's death later walked free from court and Marie herself was accused of attempted murder and anti-mutant terrorism, facing the death penalty. Fortunately a plea bargain done by the mutant lawyer Evangeline Whedon placed Marie on probation. Whedon needed an assistant and Marie needed to live and work under court-approved supervision, so Whedon offered Marie a job as her assistant. Seeming the right thing, Marie accepted the offer.[citation needed]

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