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Silver Dagger

Marie Laveau became mystically enslaved by the Silver Dagger. He manipulated her in a plot to return himself to the corporeal plane and destroy Doctor Strange. When the spell wore off, Laveau stabbed the Silver Dagger with his own enchanted blade and thus foiled his plans.[2]

The day came when all real vampires were wiped of the face of the Earth via the Montesi Formula. Eventually, Laveau would notice that she had resumed the aging process again, this time at an alarming pace. Marie Laveau wanted to preserve herself at all costs.[3]

The Vampiric Verses

Marie Laveau used her Voodoo magic to seek out any trace of real vampirism on Earth. In the meantime, Laveau explored the possibility that there may be an alternative to the vampirically altered blood she needed to remain young. This lead her to Dr. Michael Morbius, who at the time was cured of his "pseudo-vampirism."

The Voodoo Queen lured Morbius into a trap where she restrained him and returned him, against his will, to his previous condition as a "living vampire." Laveau found that Morbius's blood was not a suitable substitute for real vampire's blood.[4]

The day came when a real vampire was found. This vampire was Victor Strange, brother of Dr. Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme. Ironically, it was Stephen Strange that rid the world of vampires in the first place. Marie Laveau magically forced Victor Strange to steal his brother's volume of The Darkhold and to bring it to her. When Victor Strange delivered The Darkhold to Marie Laveau, she shot him with a golden Arrow of Eros to turn him into her love slave. During this time, Laveau named her new pet vampire, "Baron Blood" and had him wear a costume much like that of the original Baron Blood, John Falsworth. Victor Strange resented his vampirism, and Laveau found him to be difficult to control despite her magic. The Voodoo Queen then decided to use the Darkhold to reincarnate the original vampire, Varnae. Marie Laveau knew that the return of Varnae would lead to the spread of vampirism throughout the world. In the end, Marie Laveau achieved her goal of returning vampires to Earth so that it was now possible for her to perpetuate her youth indefinitely.[5]

Meeting with Blade

A final battle between Varnae and the Nightstalkers killed Frank Drake and Hannibal King, but only destroyed Varnae's body. His spirit still lingered. With the help of other vampires and vampire thralls, Marie Laveau would supply Varnae with a new body. The original plan was for Varnae to possess the body of Blade. When Blade resisted, Varnae desperately took the body of Night Terror instead.[6]

Marie Laveau believes the Damascene is her preordained personal adversary. She further believes that the Damascene is "Bible John" Carik. Laveau dispatched the Vampz to kill Carik. Fortunately, Blade was there and able to slay the would-be assassins.[7]


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Marie is a master of Voodoo magic.



Conventional bladed weapons.

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