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Currently few details of Marietta Borgezia life prior to becoming Cuckoo's host body are known, but she was a vampire and sired at least five others vampires.[1]

The death of Natsume Masako and Cuckoo entering Marietta Borgezia's body

During the 1860s, Marietta was was hunting in Paris, France. One evening she came upon the wife of the Japanese diplomat reading in her private garden. Marietta attacked and killed her victim, but she was unaware that her victim was Jasmine Destine who instinctively transferred her own mind into Marietta's body and expelled the dark spirit. As Cuckoo tried to reoriented herself in Borgezia's body, Prince Masaaki entered the garden to find his wife dead and attacked seeing Cuckoo in Borgezia body, forcing her to flee.[1]

When Cuckoo took over Borgezia's body and expelled her consciousness, she inadvertently re-ensouled all of the vampires sired by Borgezia. Grateful, the group bonded, came to regard Cuckoo as part of their family even as she moved into other host bodies.[1]

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