Mariko was born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1836 into the Yashida clan who had a long history as honorable samurai. Sometime in the 1860s she met a man named Logan who had been trying to live as a monk. Logan would then go on to join up with Victor Creed and become a samurai. Creed and his people were responsible for murdering Mariko's father Shingen and stealing their families ancestral sword. Logan returned the sword to Mariko who discovered he had been involved with her father's killers and broke things off between them.[1]

Although Mariko still loved Logan she would later go on to marry another man before dying in 1912 and being buried in Yokohama. Mariko left instructions with her husband to give her families sword to Logan as she knew she could trust him to do with it as she would want and Logan, who still loved her as well, buried alongside her coffin.[2]

  • In Wolverine: MAX #4, Mariko's date of birth is given as 1836 and her date of death is given as 1912, while in #5 her birthyear was given as 1846 and deathyear was 1921. When the story arc was collected in trade paperback form, the years in the fifth chapter were corrected to be 1836-1912.

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