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Mariko Yashida was the daughter of Japanese crimelord Lord Shingen, leader of Clan Yashida. She and Wolverine first met when the X-Men sought the help of her cousin, Sunfire. Although she was first scared of Wolverine, Mariko found herself attracted to him. Wolverine was charmed by her beauty and refined manner.[1] The two spent a great deal of time together in Japan, and fell in love when she came to visit him in New York.[2]

However, Mariko was forced to marry a man named Noburu-Hideki, who was one of her father's criminal associates. Noburu-Hideki was a cruel man who beat Mariko. Mariko refused to leave with Wolverine because she felt duty-bound to obey her father’s wishes. Wolverine was drugged and challenged by Mariko's father to a duel. What Mariko didn't know was that her father was trying to kill Wolverine, using blows designed to cripple or kill. During the duel, Mariko was shocked when Wolverine attacked with deadly force. Wolverine noticed this and lost the will to fight and was beaten.[3]

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Mariko Yashida

Shingen then ordered his operative Yukio to slay a rival crimelord named Katsuyori, who was planning to kill Hideki. Wolverine went with Yukio to kill Katsuyori. While there Wolverine went into a berserker rage and battled assassins. Mariko fled back to her father’s stronghold. Repulsed by her father's crimes, Mariko vowed to kill him to prevent further dishonor from falling on Clan Yashida.[4]

When Wolverine attacked the stronghold, Hideki attempted to flee with Mariko, threatening to kill her unless he was allowed to escape. Mariko was saved by Yukio, who killed Hideki. Wolverine then killed Shingen in a savage duel. With their deaths, this made Mariko head of Clan Yashida, and Mariko and Wolverine announced their engagement.[5]

As the wedding approached, Mastermind used his psionic powers to make Mariko call off the wedding and strengthen Clan Yashida's criminal ties. After Mastermind was defeated, Mariko felt shame at the actions she had performed under his control.[6] She vowed to break her Clan’s criminal connections, she felt that she could not marry Wolverine until she did this.[7]

Mariko became a force in the Japanese criminal underworld; however, her authority was challenged by the leader of the Hand, Matsu'o Tsurayaba. Mariko's own half-brother, the Silver Samurai, also challenged her authority. Wolverine and his allies fought the Hand on her behalf, but when Mariko sought to make peace with the Hand, she was poisoned by Tsurayaba. Wishing to avoid prolonged suffering, she asked Wolverine to grant her a quick death, which he reluctantly did.[8]

Old Man Logan later encountered the Hand's latest member, Scarlet Samurai, whom he soon discovered was in fact a resurrected Mariko Yashida.[9]


An accomplished businesswoman, swordswoman, and leader.

  • Chris Claremont pitched the idea of having Mariko join the cast of X-Men by becoming the X-Mansion's housekeeper, filling a role similar to Moira MacTaggert. Dave Cockrum opposed the idea, arguing that "[Mariko's] got housekeepers! She wouldn’t become one!"[10]

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