Marina was a fellow classmate of Natasha Romanova at the Red Room. Together, the two little girls would occasionally escape to watch ballerinas practice and then return before anybody started looking for them. One day, they discovered an abandoned gun in an alleyway they frequented. While Marina wanted to give it to the authorities, Natasha suggested to keep it hidden.

Natalia Romanova (Earth-616) and Marina (Red Room) (Earth-616) from Black Widow Vol 5 16 001

Marina and Natasha as kids

Three days later, when Natasha's favorite ballerina was arriving to practice, she noticed the woman was using crutches, as she had been beaten up by her boss Sergei. Natasha stormed Sergei's car but she was easily brushed off by a guard. Ignoring Marina's suggestion to leave before any trouble could arise, Natahsa threw a brick at the car and broke its rear windshield. The same bodyguard gave chase to the girls and they split up. Marina then reunited with Natasha at their usual alleyway, where Romanov had used the gun to kill her assailant even though she didn't intend to. While they were fleeing the scene, the two kids were recaptured by the Red Room.[1]

Many years later, both Marina and Natasha had become operatives for the Red Room. As part of an operation in Cuba, Marina had set up a life with a boyfriend named Raul and a cat named Suerte ("Luck" in Spanish). Natasha subsequently reunited with Marina, in order to help her execute their operation, the execution of a family not friendly to Castro.

While she claimed it was simply a cover, it was clear Marina grew fond of this life. Because of that, Natalia's superiors ordered her to dispose of her when the operation was finished.[2] Once Natasha completed her assignment, she killed Marina's boyfriend and then entered Marina's house. Marina was taking a shower, and after hesitating, Natasha shot her from behind.[3]

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