A member of the United States military, she developed her powers from an unknown soure and joined the Nevada Initiative team, Heavy Hitters. She was active during the Secret Invasion event and was injured in a battle with a teammate who was revealed to be a Skrull. However, she and her teammates opposed Norman Osborn's control of the Initiative, and she was smuggled out of the country by the Avengers.[citation needed]


Telemetry is a talented young woman with the ability to create psionic based constructs. However the source of her abilities is not clear at this point, she has been shown to be very resourceful with her powers. The feats that she has performed include: Creating insect-like wings to fly, creating a keyboard and utilizing the internet, creating force fields, harnessing the power as psionic spears, and making a makeshift chair for her to hover above the Hoover Dam with. Most recently she has been shown to keep up with fellow Heavy Hitter, Non-Stop during usage of super-speed.

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