Marioac is the Native American 'chieftess' of the Chowanoke Tribe. She and her people adopted and learned from the time-displaced Captain America of Earth-460, and acknowledged greatly of his modern world and most importantly about the cultural genocide of the Native Americans.[citation needed]

After Steven Rogers was returned to his dimension, Marioac and her tribe remain to continue their wariness of the European colonists in the Roanoke colony. When Norman Osborne attempted to negotiate Marioac in claiming her people's land for the "Source", that empowered people like the Hulk and Virginia Dare, with trinkets Marioac and her tribe were not too easily fooled by him and almost planned on killing Osborne before being interrupted by the arrival of Peter Parquagh and several children, including her grandson Piko.[citation needed]

Later when the Roanoke colony officially passed the notion of forbidding Indians and 'Witchbreeds' in their colony, Marioac met Peter Parquagh and acknowledge his powers. Marioc and her people leave their settlement with David Banner after Osborne and his men destroyed their homes, and foretold Peter that she and her tribe will wage war on the settlers. [citation needed]

Marioac helped the grief ridden David Banner in overcoming his past atrocities to redeem himself as a good man. Together with the Hulk, Marioac and her tribe finally wage war on the colonists and coming into conflict with the English soldiers that was sent to control the colony. Fortunately the battle was stopped by Virginia Dare who turn herself into a giant sphinx and threaten them to be eaten. Peace is finally restore when Governor Ananias Dare recognized Marioac's tribe's plight and accept them into the colony's government council. [citation needed]

  • Marioac's father was indirectly murdered by English explorer Ralph Lane.[1]

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