The mother of Karla Sofen, Marion Sofen was a maid in the household of Hollywood producer Charles Stockbridge, along with her husband, Karl. Marion regularly admonished Karla to be neither seen nor heard by her parents' employer. After her husband died of a sudden heart attack, Marion left the Stockbridges' employment, returning to her home town, where she kept down several jobs to finance a better education for her daughter. Unfortunately, Karla only felt contempt for her mother, embarrassed by her constantly putting the needs of others -- even for her daughter -- ahead of her owns wants.[citation needed]

Much later, shortly before she joined the original Thunderbolts, Karla was so embarrassed of what she was becoming when she began using her moonstone that she killed her own mother in order to prevent her from seeing the atrocities she would perform in the future. She suffocated Marion in her sleep, then burned the house down to cover her crime.[1]

Ms. Marvel later hid the moonstone at Marion's gravesite after she removed it from Karla's body, hoping to teach Moonstone a lesson on regaining her humanity.[citation needed]

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