Marisol is a young Mexican girl. When her mutant powers manifested ,the X-Men brought her to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and gave her the codename Flourish. However, Marisol was very upset that she was taken from home where she could use her powers to help ordinary people and, because of her behavior, other students started to call her Creep. After a heart-to-heart talk with Storm, Marisol was allowed to return home.[1]


Chlorokinesis: Marisol can cause plant-life or vegetation of various kinds to grow in her vicinity. Her power can affect the land she walks on or spores and seeds in the air.


She can speak both English and Spanish.


Marisol's abilities respond heavily to her emotions. When she is happy, Flourish's power produces grass and beautiful flowers in her wake. When she is moody or upset, Creep causes the spread of mold, fungus, mushrooms and other stereotypically "ugly" growths.

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