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Marius St. Croix, also known as Emplate, was a loyal member of Apocalypse's Elite Mutant Force along with his twin sisters Claudette and Nicole St. Croix.

When Christopher Summers, father of Prelates Cyclops and Havok, escaped from the slave pens threatening to spread a Brood infestation due to the fact that he was infected with a Brood Queen embryo, the EMF was dispatched to bring him back in. Emplate and his sisters tracked Christopher to Joe Robertson's "Daily Bugle" office. When examining Robertson's body, Emplate noted that it was seemingly dead, but somehow still alive. In reality, it was infected with a Brood embryo.

Emplate and the St. Croix twins were ambushed by Christopher Summers, who killed Emplate by shooting him point blank in the chest. Watching their older brother get killed placed the St. Croix twins into a catatonic state.[1]

New Apocalypse

After Weapon X volunteered to become the new Apocalypse to spare the world the judgement of the Celestials, he started resurrecting formerly deceased mutants, among them Emplate. Emplate was made Weapon Omega's new Minister of Pestilence.[citation needed]

After receiving word that Jean Grey and a member of the human resistance were hiding in the city, Emplate, Cyclops and a squadron of soldiers attempted to bring them in. Emplate nearly captured them but was incapacitated by an explosion.[citation needed]


Emplate is an Alpha[2] mutant, granting him with the following powers:

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  2. He was the third among other mutants to be resurrected in the Alpha Lab: Age of Apocalypse #2

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