Allan before his transformation

Mark Allan is the older brother of Liz Allan. He returns to Midtown High after spending six months in Juvenile Hall. He is regretful about his criminal past, having stolen a car to repay debts accumulated through gambling losses.[1]

Mark Allan had a instant romantic connection to Mary Jane Watson, who tried to convince him not to gamble his life away. Unfortunately, he resume his gambling addiction. During a Valentine's date, Mark berates Peter for ditching Liz, aware of Peter's feelings for Gwen Stacy, saying Liz is too good for Peter. Norman Osborn and Dr. Miles Warren work together to alter Mark Allan into the Molten Man. They inject nanobots into his bloodstream, under the pretense that undergoing the procedure will clear his gambling debt.

Mark Allan was then blackmailed by the Green Goblin, to destroy Spider-Man in exchange for the device which controlled his transformation process. He confronted Blackie Gaxton but his sister and Mary Jane were there and got caught up in the fire. During the fight, Spider-Man suspended him between two lamp posts with webbing and sprayed with a fire hydrant to stop the flames, but of course it failed to work.

Green Goblin who was watching the incident stated to himself, "Oh well, that's what I get for betting on an amateur!". The Goblin then deactivated the nanobots via the remote and Mark was taken to jail.[2]

Molten Man became an inmate of the Vault during Spider-Man's test of the security system. The Green Goblin released him along with the Rhino to cause havoc. The Green Goblin reactivated Molten Man's Nanobots as he was still in debt to the Goblin. Molten Man flooded the the ventilation system with lava. Molten Man later got knocked out by the knock-out gas unleashed by Walter Hardy.[2]


Seemingly those of the Mark Raxton of Earth-616.

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