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Brother Nature was first seen when the superhero Captain America had temporarily given up being Captain America and was traveling around the U.S. in the guise of The Captain. The Captain found Brother Nature in Washington state, terrorizing property developers who were destroying forest land using his powers. The Captain clashed with Brother Nature, and during the fight Brother Nature caused an earthquake that opened up a fissure that both he and the Captain fell into.

While they were trapped in the crack, Brother Nature opened up to The Captain, saying he had been a park ranger who became an eco-terrorist to stop developers who were destroying the forest. He said the developers' men attacked him and left him for dead, but he claimed he was awoken by the Earth goddess Gaea, who he said gave him his powers and charged him with the task of protecting the Earth.

The Captain climbed out of the crevasse, taking Brother Nature with him, but Brother Nature was distraught when he saw the damage he himself had done to the forest. He was presumably arrested for eco-terrorism.[1]

After Civil War[]

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative,[2] but was later hunted by the Thunderbolts when he refused to register as part of the Superhuman Registration Act. He fought the team to a standstill until Radioactive Man tricked Brother Nature into surrendering by claiming his containment suit was leaking radiation that would damage Brother Nature's forest. He was taken into custody, but still refused to surrender.[3]



Brother Nature has the ability to control various aspects of nature.

  • Atmokinesis: He has been seen to control the weather by creating thunderstorms and other atmospheric effects.
  • Geokinesis: He can also create earth tremors and earthquakes.
  • Zoopathy: Brother Nature can communicate with and command a variety of animals, and can cause them to attack people.

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