Hyperion of Earth-5764 had injured his eyes and needed to wear glasses/goggles because of them, much in the same way as his Earth-712 counterpart. He, along with Hyperion of Earth-712, came to the aid of Beak and the Exiles when King Hyperion was about to kill them all and take over the Multiverse.

He revealed several facts about himself during the course of the fight. He does not have flash vision, he has fought with another bad version of himself in the past, and won; this is keeping pace with the events that lead to the Hyperion of Earth-712 to wear similar goggles for a time. He has also stated that he is not a killer.[citation needed]


Seemingly those similar to Mark Milton (Earth-712)#Powers.


Hyperion is blind. If he doesn't wear his glasses, he can't see anything.

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