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Little is known about DJ's past. After his mutant powers manifested, he was accepted to the Xavier Institute.[1][2]

Corsairs and Paragons

When the Xavier Institute originally began the training squad system, Mark was placed with Cyclops' Corsairs[1] and codenamed DJ.[2] Later, for unclear reasons, DJ switched squads and became part of the Paragons under Wolfsbane.[3][2]

Like the rest of his squad, DJ was upset and saddened by the departure of Wolfsbane.[4] Along with the other Paragons and the Alpha Squadron, DJ was briefly mentored by Karma. Ultimately, former New Mutant, Magma stepped in to become the Paragons' mentor.[5][2]

DJ's death

M-Day and Death

DJ was one of the many mutants to lose their powers on M-Day.[6][7] The depowered students of the Xavier Institute were asked to leave the school, but the bus carrying several depowered students was attacked by one of William Stryker's Purifiers.[8] After the bus exploded, X-23 tried to rescue DJ, but with his last words, he told her she was pretty. Elixir tried to heal him, but it was too late.[9]

Krakoan Era

DJ was presumably resurrected by The Five along with many of the other former Xavier Institute students.[10][11] He was present on Krakoa after the resurrection of Wind Dancer along with many other former students of the Xavier Institute. At the celebration after Wind Dancer's resurrection, DJ met Kyle Jinadu and Prestige, who wanted to introduce him to Dazzler.[10]

Alongside with Loa, Pixie, and Blink, DJ joined a mission led by Nightcrawler. During a confrontation against an anti-mutant group, DJ, Loa, and Blink suggested to Pixie that she let herself be killed by their enemies to experience her first resurrection. Nightcrawler didn't like this attitude, causing him to become concerned about mutant suicidal thoughts.[11]

DJ was recruited by Northstar to play a concert with Lila Cheney and Dazzler in the Mojoverse. During the concert, X-Factor and the New Mutants freed Shatterstar and Mojo's other enslaved livestreamers.[12]

Powers and Abilities


DJ projecting a force field while listening to his Tchaikovsky playlist

Flying with Blink while listening to unknown music

DJ born a mutant,[1][2] but lost his powers on M-Day.[6][7] However, after being resurrected,[10] he has regained his powers including:

  • Acoustic Eclectic Mimicry: DJ possesses an advanced form of acoustikinesis that allows him to manipulation different forms of energy based on type of music he hears.[2][10]
    • Force Fields: Classical music allows him to create force fields.[11]
    • Photokinesis: Dance music enables him to create blinding lights.[12]
    • Concussive Blasts: "Hard" music like rock allows him to generate damaging blasts.[citation needed]
    • Flight: Gospel music allows him to fly.[citation needed]
    • Healing: Blues music grants him the ability to heal others, but not himself.[citation needed]
    • Chronokinesis: Techno music allows Mark to stop time within his immediate vicinity.[citation needed]


DJ can play the drums.[12]



Headphones and portable music players (MP3 player, CD player, etc.).[4][2]


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