Little is known about DJ's past. His mutant powers probably manifested around puberty, and he was accepted to the Xavier Institute.[1]

Corsairs and Paragons

When the Xavier Institute originally began the training squad system, Mark was placed with Cyclops' Corsairs and codenamed DJ.[2] Later for unclear reasons, DJ and Spector switched squads, and DJ become part of the Paragons under Wolfsbane.[1]

Like the rest of his squad, DJ was upset and saddened by the departure of Wolfsbane.[3] Along with the other Paragons and the Alpha Squadron, DJ was briefly mentored by Karma. Ultimately, former New Mutant, Magma stepped in to become the Paragons' mentor.[4][1]

M-Day and Death

DJ was one of the many mutants to lose their powers on M-Day.[5][6] The depowered students of the Xavier Institute was asked to leave the school, but the bus carrying several depowered students was attacked by one of William Stryker's Purifiers.[7] After the bus exploded, X-23 tried to rescue DJ, but with his last words, he told her she was pretty. Elixir tried to heal him, but it was too late.[8]


Currently none. DJ was a mutant, but lost his mutant powers due to the effects of M-Day.


Portable music players (MP3, CD player, etc) and head phones.

  • In the New X-Men Yearbook Special #1, DJ listed his likes as music (all kinds) and girls (all kinds), and his dislikes as girls who get too serious too soon and math.
  • He was given the first name 'Mark' because, on the Forums, he was referred to as M.A.R.K by posters.

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