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Doctor Doom designed different "pretense" robots sometime before 1968, to be disguised as people and go near anyone with power. First used during a time travel.

In 1968, Doctor Doom detected a time anomaly on 1871's Dodge City. He willingly chose to travel there, looking for a profit. He took with him some super-villains and robots of the same model of Mark Twain android.

Doom sent the androids in disguise with orders of going near any person with power, so that they could report any interesting data to Doom. Using constant radio communication and a file on real people for their disguise, they could pretend to be locals.

"Mark Twain" found the camp of Alexander the Great, an unwilling time-traveller. Using its guile, "Twain" attracted Alexander's attention, telling him that he was working on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

After more than one day on Alexander's camp, Twain met some other time-travellers. Those newcomers noticed some anomalies on Twain's story (particularly Huckleberry's friend was Jim, not Tom, as the android said). They accused Twain. Twain tried to escape, but Alexander ordered to capture him.

At this point, Twain attacked, trying to destroy the tent and later the camp. He was stopped by the time-travelers.

Doom decided that the time-travellers could track Twain's radio signal, so he left the reception base at the mountains. He nevertheless left two giant androids of the same model protecting it.[1]



  • Robotic construction: The robot's hull provides it with some protection against attacks. It is also immune to mental, emotional and illusion attacks, but susceptible to machinery-affecting attacks. It also provided some physical protection.
  • Radio communication: The android had constant communication with Doom's base, beaming signals.


  • certain knowledge of history, specially surrounding the historical Mark Twain.

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