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To save the X-Men and his timeline from an infestation of Brood, Wiccan traveled to Hell to make a deal with Doctor Doom. In exchange for the power to defeat the Brood, Doctor Doom placed the Mark of Sorrow on Wiccan.[1]

As the Mark of Sorrow slowly killed him, Wiccan searched unsuccessfully for a cure.[2][1] Wiccan was eventually approached by Merlin who agreed to remove the Mark of Sorrow from him in return for aiding in a magical quest.[2][3] Unfortunately, Merlin died during the quest.[4] Near the end of the quest, the combine might of the Sorcerers Supreme were able to defeat Doctor Doom and remove the Mark of Sorrow from Wiccan.[5]


The Mark of Sorrow is the seal of a deal made. One is granted that which they need, but the Mark slowly kills them in return.[3][1]

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