He tried to warn the Morlocks of the Marauders. He escaped and believed himself to be the last living Morlock. Still believing the Marauders were still after him he began attacking people on the New York City subway who he thought were guilty and marked them so the Marauders would kill them first, but the Marauders had long since moved on.

After attacking a man he was chased by the police and the heroes Cloak and Dagger. Since Dagger was blind at the time she got separated from the others and was ambushed by the Marked Man. She blinded him with light but after she heard him whimper like a child she tried to reason with him. Just then Wombat attacked. Marked Man escaped with Dagger and left her on a subway station but was rounded up by the police along with several suspects. Dagger was asked to identify him. Once she did, thinking she could help him, Marked Man was chained and taken away. While he was being dragged off he yelled at her calling a traitor.[1]


Ink Generation: His body can produce ink, what he uses to mark his victims.

Psychically Find Guilty Secrets: He has a limited psychic ability to find a person's guilty secret, which gives him a psychological sense of well being.

  • Superhuman Strength


Having lived in the tunnels so long he is unaccustomed to bright lights.

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